Cinderella’s Secret Diary, by Ron Vitale


Reviewed by Christina Mercer Cinderella and the Prince marry soon after the ball and live happily ever after. Not! Jump four years ahead to a life where hubby Prince is a womanizer and a drunk, and Cinderella is a big failure in the eyes of Mama Queen for not yet bearing him an heir. Cinderella yearns for a different life, … Read More

christinaCinderella’s Secret Diary, by Ron Vitale

Journey into…My Big World

By Elizabeth Beechwood My husband, John, has ridden off into the mountains on an elk hunt – the surest sign of autumn. The elk will be bugling in the Bob Marshall Wilderness right about now and I’m sorry I’ll miss it. But our ideas of what constitutes ‘fun’ are very different. Riding horses into the back country sounds great but … Read More

elizabethJourney into…My Big World

Peer into…My Big Life

Tomis Tribe

by Tomi Wiley James I’m not saying I don’t like being called the Brady Bunch, seeing as our family resembles them, but here’s the story of how one single mother went from two to six in exactly one year. Hi, I’m Tomi, and I have four boys. Steve and I are newlyweds, very much in love and feel like teenagers … Read More

tomiPeer into…My Big Life

Welcome to…My Big Buzz

sunflower bees 2013

By Christina Mercer Once you’ve worked with thousands of honeybees, your brain never stops buzzing. It’s a good buzz, a buzz that resonates with power and life and all things sweet. And as much honey as I intake, I could easily be mistaken for one of my foraging friends. I’m ever inspired by their cooperative skills and their unwavering sense … Read More

christinaWelcome to…My Big Buzz

In Defense of Daydreams

Shikamaru Daydreaming

by Stephanie Naman True confession: I called this blog post ‘in defense of daydreams’ because if I called it ‘justifying journals’, I’d lose you from the start. But hear me out. Try this experiment: Go to a coffee shop or outdoor café and just sit. No, don’t reach for your smartphone to flip through Facebook or to use that ‘J’ … Read More

stephanieIn Defense of Daydreams