The Sweetest Elixir

sweetest elixir

By Christina Mercer Since it’s October, I thought I’d bring you a little witchy-ness—kitchen witchy-ness that is. My interest in the healing arts began in my twenties and back then I studied everything I could get my hands on (quite literally, in fact): Massage therapy, reflexology, crafting lotions and potions, tinctures and tisanes, salves and syrups. You name it, I … Read More

christinaThe Sweetest Elixir

My Enlightened Booty


The older I get the more convinced I am that I should be making significant, chartable spiritual progress, especially as I was raised without religion and have yet to adopt one (unless you count occasional psychic reading/shamanic clearing/energy workshops pursued in my twenties). My friend Alegra calls my evolution “consistent, erratic progression.”  But the more I try to find myself … Read More

jordanMy Enlightened Booty

The Serial Story


You are about to embark upon a collaborative project we call the Serial Story. It will be written partly by Indie-Visible authors, and partly by YOU, the readers. To participate, email us the next paragraph of this story (hint: contact link) Or post it as a comment. We’ll take a vote, and the collective favorite will be published and receive … Read More

adminThe Serial Story

Take…My Big Leap


By Eros-Alegra Clarke A bedside table is pushed against the bedroom door and I’m trying to ignore the bang-bang-bang as some small body tries to will itself through my barricade. I just need half an hour of uninterrupted sleep and then, after a cup of strong coffee, I’ll be able to emerge and take on my role as ‘mother to … Read More

eros alegraTake…My Big Leap

Visit…My Big Imagination


by Chelsea Starling At the age of three, I had a best friend named Jay. With his big-eyed, wispy-haired, froggy-voiced sister Julie, and Lucas, the tow-headed vegetarian spawn of a real live hippie (who wore a sign around his neck that said: “don’t feed me” in case any carnivorous mom tried to give him a hot dog) and eventually with … Read More

chelseaVisit…My Big Imagination

So You’re Dating a Sociopath…


An Interview with Dr. Annabelle Charbit, author of A Life Lived Ridiculously By Stephanie Naman We’ve all been there. One minute you think a guy’s crazy about you. The next, you realize he’s just crazy. Or more precisely, a sociopath. And if you’re already living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, well, that may be just a little bit too much disordered … Read More

stephanieSo You’re Dating a Sociopath…

Join…My Big Adventure


by Sharisse Coulter Growing up is over-rated. One could call my current lifestyle– traveling around the world with my musician husband and our 3-year old son– irresponsible; and there would certainly be merit to that opinion. I see it as something else. An adventure. Sometimes I think we mistake growing up for outgrowing the need for new adventures. And I … Read More

sharisseJoin…My Big Adventure

Meet…My Big Mouth


by Jordan E. Rosenfeld I can no longer avoid the truth: I have a big mouth. Yes my actual mouth is big enough to shove In ‘n Out burgers in whole, but what I mean is I have a hard time keeping my thoughts to myself. The truth sneaks out over the edges of my lips. My mouth tells raunchy … Read More

jordanMeet…My Big Mouth

Alone, but not Lonely

Like many writers, I’ve spent 30 years writing stories at the edges of parties, in the backseat of cars, in locked rooms, aisles of grocery stores, trying to stay hidden before someone discovered me scribbling furtively and disrupted my flow. Writing is often referred to as a “lonely” art, but I think I can safely say that most writers feel … Read More

jordanAlone, but not Lonely

Taking Heart, by Wilette Youkey


Reviewed by Jordan E. Rosenfeld Though I’m a girl who spent a disproportionate amount of time writing in diaries about boys, I’m still surprised by a fresh take on the “boy meets girl” trope. In Wilette Youkey’s novel, Taking Heart, the heroine’s love is already dead when we meet her. Well, that got my attention. Bakery-owner Ren is grieving the … Read More

jordanTaking Heart, by Wilette Youkey