I.V. Interview: Sharisse Coulter


Sharisse Coulter is one-half of a bad ass husband/wife indie creative team. Originally from Lake Tahoe, Sharisse started with a smidge of college in Paris (not Texas), a dash in Australia and, voilà! A master’s degree in Anthropology framed and placed lovingly on a shelf, never to be dusted off again. Instead, she took the clear path to success, marrying … Read More

adminI.V. Interview: Sharisse Coulter

A Novel Music Tour


Exciting news! Our own Sharisse Coulter along with talented musical hubby, Lee kicks off a five month  book and music tour from the left coast to the right coast on January 28 with their four year old son, Kai in tow. Here’s a sneak peek into their awesome relationship that makes five months in a bus with a toddler a … Read More

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My Big Truth: Make Time Stop

"Marwari Stallion #1" by Tom Chambers, http://www.tomchambersphoto.com

PHOTO CREDIT: “Marwari Stallion #1″ by Tom Chambers, http://www.tomchambersphoto.com At this time of year when tradition dictates we consider resolutions for the future, I—ever the planner, the worrier, the what-if or could-be dreamer find myself staunchly resisting. While my toes grip the metaphorical sand, my knuckles clutch the all-too-real yellow counter in Nana’s kitchen, and the unscratched, shiny, dining room table, unable … Read More

Amy McElroyMy Big Truth: Make Time Stop

Empathy in the Extreme

by Jordan E. Rosenfeld People always want to know if your fiction is derived from “your real life.” Never sure where these strange characters come from, whispering their stories in my ears, I’ve grilled friends who have claimed to find “me” in my writing to understand what they see. For instance, protagonist Grace in my forthcoming novel Forged in Grace … Read More

jordanEmpathy in the Extreme

Book of Shadows— By Alexandra Sokoloff


Recommended by Christina Mercer When Boston homicide detectives Garrett and Landauer discover the mutilated body of a wealthy college girl, they know they’d be solving just the sort of case to boost their careers. However, the ritualistic elements of the girl’s death point to satanic intrigue and danger. Jason is a troubled Goth band member, dabbler in demon magic, and … Read More

christinaBook of Shadows— By Alexandra Sokoloff

Out of Breath by Susan Salluce


Recommended by Sharon Wong Who knew psychologists doubled as detectives? This might not be immediately apparent, but it does make sense when you strip the profession to its basest elements. After all, a large part of the trade is picking up clues from disparate narratives and shattered psyches to weave a coherent whole. Katherine Middlebrook, the protagonist of Susan Salluce’s … Read More

adminOut of Breath by Susan Salluce

Indie Author’s Dream Comes True: Interview with Susan Salluce

Susan Salluce

by Christina Mercer As a friend and writing buddy I know lots about you, but can you tell the world a little bit about yourself? I left my twelve + year profession as a therapist/grief counselor to become a writer when a fellow therapist asked the question, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” … Read More

christinaIndie Author’s Dream Comes True: Interview with Susan Salluce