Book of Shadows— By Alexandra Sokoloff


Recommended by Christina Mercer

When Boston homicide detectives Garrett and Landauer discover the mutilated body of a wealthy college girl, they know they’d be solving just the sort of case to boost their careers. However, the ritualistic elements of the girl’s death point to satanic intrigue and danger.

Jason is a troubled Goth band member, dabbler in demon magic, and the last fellow student to see the victim alive. Enough evidence lands him in jail while the detectives build what they believe, and hope, is an open-and-shut murder case. But then onto the scene arrives sexy Tanith, a psychic witch from Salem, who insists the boy is innocent and the killer is on the loose, plotting his next ritual victims. Garrett is the only one willing to explore whether or not she’s telling the truth, even if it means keeping his trips to Salem a secret from his partner.

Garrett’s logical world starts to splinter the deeper he delves into his investigation. Books of magic, mysterious writings, strange symbols, whispering voices, and feelings of being watched keep him guessing about what is real. Taneth is both a blessing and a curse. Her witchy sex appeal is driving him crazy, her psychic visions continue to come true, and her jaded past has him thinking he might be her fool in some parlor show to cover up Jason’s guilt. In the end, reality and the supernatural meet, and Garrett risks his career, his beliefs, and his life to save innocent victims.

I don’t normally read thrillers with gory details, as I try to avoid nervous breakdowns while relaxing in my recliner, but I adore anything witchy, and this author delivers on that note. The writing is well done, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat paced, with perfectly believable cop banter, legal formalities, and knowledge of the occult. The tension is A+ throughout, and I found myself devouring the pages no matter how “creeped” out I became (so if you like creepiness, you’ll love this one even more!).

Garrett’s inner struggle with career ambition versus seeking the truth; cop girlfriend versus mysterious witch, and real world versus magical one provided depth to his character, and I found myself liking the guy from page one until the end. There were a few scenes that felt somewhat redundant to me, and the love scenes had both sizzling yummy-ness and cliché elements. I also thought the ending could’ve been drawn out a bit more for satisfaction. That said, the novel delivers as a thoroughly entertaining Paranormal Thriller.

Among this author’s other titles is her must-have (for writers) non-fiction book: Screenwriting Tricks for Authors.

christinaBook of Shadows— By Alexandra Sokoloff

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