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Literacy League Bloggers

Our phenomenal team of superstar bloggers hail from all over the internet. These girls are the heart and soul of the BookHub and without their creative ingenuity, the awesome connections between author and reader we strive to foster would not exist. We are proud to have them sharing their love of books and their commitment to readers with the world on our behalf!

Maria Pease | The Paisley Reader

MARIAMaria Pease loves old things, cats, ice cream, and books. A native Rhode Islander, she is the owner and blogger behind The Paisley Reader. At 50K words into her New Adult SciFi debut novel, Maria hopes to have it published by June 2015. A writing tutor and term-paper editor in college, she fell in love with editing once more after becoming a beta reader and hopes to expand her enjoyment of books and reading into this avenue as well. With a degree in Museum Studies, Maria’s day job takes her into the realm of museums where she hopes that one day something will come to life like in the books and movies she loves. Maria is an Official Blogger for UtopYA Con 2015.

Becky Stephens | Twisted Book Junkie

BECKYBecky Stephens was born a bibliophile. As a professional editor, she spends her days correcting spelling and grammatical errors. When she clocks out, she reads and writes book reviews under her alter-ego, Twisted Book Junkie. She enjoys promoting indie authors, and hopes that her tiny corner of the web helps bring them more readers who love their books just as much as she does.

Delphina Miyares | Delphina Reads Too Much

DELPHINAI am a book reviewer and Indie author enthusiast. As my blog indicates, I tend to read too much, if there is such a thing. While I tend to focus on the paranormal leaning heavily to the shifter crack side of that genre, I read everything from historical fiction to steampunk to contemporary. I love sweet stories of first love all the way to “please do not let my mama know I read this”. In a nut shell, I read it all and love to share the books I find with others.

Michelle Gilmore | In Libris Veritas

MICHELLEMichelle is located in Villa Rica, GA and for the last 4 years she has been slowing immersing herself in the book world. She is the owner and sole contributor to a book review blog called In Libris Veritas where she reviews books of all types and promotes authors as much as she can. When she’s not blogging she can be found running her quaint little used bookstore in town. 

Shana Benedict | A Book Vacation

Shana BenedictShana started her blog, A Book Vacation, in early 2011 when snomageddon hit and shut down her city for nearly two weeks.  With a state of emergency in effect, a ban on the roads, and all area schools closed, she finally had time to create a blog she could dedicate to the many hundreds of books she reads each year.  And as a high school English teacher by day, blogging has basically become Shana’s very own fun homework assignment: read a book, blog about it, and share it with her students—something she tries to do almost every day.  In the chaotic world we live in, reading has indeed become her very own book vacation. Shana is an official book blogger for utopYAcon 2015.

Jennifer Ricketts | Donnie Darko Girl

JENNIFERJennifer is a voracious reader and devours books like there’s no tomorrow. She’s a tattooed wife & mama of two, a book blogger at Donnie Darko Girl for just over two and a half years, and a future writer. Books, dyeing my hair (especially pink), music from the 60’s and 90’s, Doctor Who, and Norman Reedus are just a few of her favorite things.

Ashley Bodette | Book Junkie: Not-So-Anonymous

Ashley BodetteAshley is a bookworm through and through.  Her grandpa taught her how to read when she was 4, and she hasn’t stopped reading since.  She is a secondary English teacher, and she dabbles in beta reading, proofreading, and critiquing/editing, as well as writing.  She will hopefully be starting a masters in publishing program this fall so that she can make working in the book industry a full time job.
She grew up in a small town in Minnesota, and spent most of the first 25 years of her life in that town.  Then she made the leap and moved all the way to Florida!  Her entire immediate family now lives there, and although she misses the snow at Christmas, she can’t complain about the weather!

Ginny Gallagher | Gin’s Book Notes and Design

Ginny-Gallagher-Gin's-Book-Notes-Blogger-Profile-PictureGinny is a slightly sarcastic, happily married writer, cover designer, blogger, and the creative force behind Gin’s Book Notes & Design. There’s nothing she loves more than creating an amazing book cover and hearing the words “you nailed it” from the authors that she’s blessed to work with. She usually has marker or paint on her fingers and is happiest when she’s creating, reading, or spending time with her family and 5 fur kids.
She believes in happily ever after, knows that magic is real, and refuses to accept that the world isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.