The Magic of Expanded Dialogue Tags: Tips to Build Strong Characters and Draw Readers into Your Story

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by Amy McElroy Certain writers possess a power to weave a story like a tapestry with the perfectly arcing plot, just the right amount of narration lacing the edges, and life-like dialogue. Readers dive in to meet the characters as if they are long-lost friends—or enemies. Every scene takes place down some familiar trail that reminds readers of the dusty … Read More

adminThe Magic of Expanded Dialogue Tags: Tips to Build Strong Characters and Draw Readers into Your Story

Release Day for ARMS OF ANU

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day AND Happy Release Day for ARMS OF ANU, sequel to award-winning Preteen/Teen Fantasy ARROW OF THE MIST, by Indie-Visible author Christina Mercer. In her own words . . .  The past year has been a whirlwind year with my first book release; finishing, polishing and publishing the sequel; and working toward publishing an entirely new novel—a … Read More

christinaRelease Day for ARMS OF ANU

Cover Reveal for ARMS OF ANU

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ARMS OF ANU is set for release March 17, 2014 (St. Patrick’s Day!), almost one year to the day after the release of my debut MG/YA Fantasy ARROW OF THE MIST. It’s been quite a year having my first book out, experiencing the world of book tours and signings and amazing new friends. I was also thrilled to have ARROW … Read More

christinaCover Reveal for ARMS OF ANU

Five Dos and a Don’t for Giving a Constructive Critique

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You’ve been asked by a fellow writer to give feedback on their new manuscript. Good for you. Obviously your opinion is respected, and, just as importantly, you’ve been diligent about networking with other writers – something that’s essential to surviving this crazy pursuit. Effective critiques are tricky. You’re offering more than opinion – anyone could do that. What you want … Read More

stephanieFive Dos and a Don’t for Giving a Constructive Critique

It Takes a Collective


For this woman who can offer detailed commentary on character development, sensory description, and use of dialogue in a manuscript, but who didn’t know web code from content, thought Glimmer Train sounded like a glam rock writer’s conference, and spends most days ready to throw her computer out the window, it takes a collective. When Jordan Rosenfeld, one of the … Read More

Amy McElroyIt Takes a Collective

Genre Writing for St. Valentine

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Some of my best friends are genre writers. In fact, several of my best friends are my Indie-Visible colleagues, and some of us are drafting genre novels this month. Not just any genre novels—for most of us, we’re writing our debut genre novels. Although it’s the first time we debut genre writers have undertaken to hew to the specific formulae … Read More

Becca LawtonGenre Writing for St. Valentine

A Tale of a Reluctant Tweeter

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Just like all those noble things I said I’d “never do” before I became a parent (hint: I went on to do them all), I remember saying to a friend at the advent of Twitter: “Well there’s a waste of my time I won’t ever bother with.” You must understand that when Twitter made its launch, I did not have … Read More

jordanA Tale of a Reluctant Tweeter


Undergrowth-Amy M

Photo Credit: Jennifer Barney.  “We all travel the Milky Way together, trees and men…”  John Muir On the road to my old house, the green of these hills and pastures calls like a carpet begging to be to danced.  A giggle escapes my lips at the renaming of these country lanes in the last 20 years for the ease of … Read More

Amy McElroyUndergrowth

Keeping Creative (Writing) in the Season of Giving

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by Jordan E. Rosenfeld Most writers I know hear the whisper of their writing in their ears regularly, and often at the most inconvenient times: during work, at the dinner hour, driving to and from obligations and then some. There’s nothing like the holiday season, with its emphasis on giving to others, to force even more distance between you and … Read More

jordanKeeping Creative (Writing) in the Season of Giving

Seven Hours

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by Jordan E. Rosenfeld I have always been a creative creature who needs extended hours of space and time to weave my thoughts into writing. And as an only child with two working parents, I relished the alone time after school for many years. Studies have shown that creativity thrives on idle time—time not spent focused on anything else. You … Read More

jordanSeven Hours