Genre Writing for St. Valentine

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Some of my best friends are genre writers. In fact, several of my best friends are my Indie-Visible colleagues, and some of us are drafting genre novels this month. Not just any genre novels—for most of us, we’re writing our debut genre novels. Although it’s the first time we debut genre writers have undertaken to hew to the specific formulae … Read More

Becca LawtonGenre Writing for St. Valentine

Scenes from a Nightmare


By Rebecca Lawton For years, a recurring nightmare suggested I’d lived a sordid life. The images hinted I had murdered someone and hidden the body in the recesses of a decaying mansion. That I would be found out plagued me. I had no clear memory of when the murder had occurred or who I’d offed, but I couldn’t shake the … Read More

Becca LawtonScenes from a Nightmare

Exploring Opposites

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This month, our theme at Indie-Visible is opposites/clashing cultures, inspired by my novel Junction, Utah. Opposites, and the friction that comes from them, are a large part of what makes up life: things that, on the surface, don’t go together may highlight or bring out the best in its opposite. What do you think? Let’s look at some examples:  Let’s … Read More

adminExploring Opposites

The Oldest Quest


by Rebecca Lawton It’s a tradition in my family that we get together with good friends for bloodthirsty card games. One of our favorites is Quests of the Round Table, an educational game manufactured by Gamewright for ages 10 and up. Yes, Gamewright promises it’s educational, and it’s true I’ve learned a lot about Arthurian legend from playing rounds and … Read More

Becca LawtonThe Oldest Quest

My Big Career: Fire Season

by Rebecca Lawton My first blog post for My Big Career is in part about writers block. It came to me in the form of a poem, inspired by the work of James Tate, author of return to the city of white donkeys and other books. To celebrate the release of Jordan E. Rosenfeld’s Forged in Grace, and nearing the … Read More

adminMy Big Career: Fire Season