What You Know (But Not How to Write It)

What You Know

by Tomi L. Wiley (Sung to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”) If you think you love a writer, raise your hand. If sometimes you want to choke her, raise your hand. Because when you love a writer, You’ll kiss the hand that bites you – Because eventually they’ll write you till you’re dead.* If you’re … Read More

adminWhat You Know (But Not How to Write It)


by Tomi L. Wiley I never wrote a poem about the night my father’s home lifted to the stars in sparks. At that time I wasn’t writing much of anything; my son was six weeks old, born premature, and my hands were busy cupping his tangerine skull, trembling against the curve of his spine, cupped in one palm. My mind … Read More


I Didn’t Win NaNo, and Why That’s Okay: My Big Life


by Tomi Wiley James It’s over: the 30-day typefest known affectionately (or sometimes as a curse) as NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. The goal of this completely voluntary, rigorous exercise is a 50,000-word novel (or, hopefully, the first draft of a novel). Break that down, and it’s 1,667 words per day. Every day. During a month that includes Thanksgiving … Read More

tomiI Didn’t Win NaNo, and Why That’s Okay: My Big Life

Another Big Change in My Big Life (AKA: I Quit My Day Job)

HDT quote

By Tomi L. Wiley When I was young, my parents had dinner parties and people over – friends from the tiny community I grew up in (I think the population still hovers around 800 people, give or take), business colleagues, people I didn’t know at the time but who would play large parts in my life later. As an only … Read More

tomiAnother Big Change in My Big Life (AKA: I Quit My Day Job)

Peer into…My Big Life

Tomis Tribe

by Tomi Wiley James I’m not saying I don’t like being called the Brady Bunch, seeing as our family resembles them, but here’s the story of how one single mother went from two to six in exactly one year. Hi, I’m Tomi, and I have four boys. Steve and I are newlyweds, very much in love and feel like teenagers … Read More

tomiPeer into…My Big Life