Five Dos and a Don’t for Giving a Constructive Critique

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You’ve been asked by a fellow writer to give feedback on their new manuscript. Good for you. Obviously your opinion is respected, and, just as importantly, you’ve been diligent about networking with other writers – something that’s essential to surviving this crazy pursuit. Effective critiques are tricky. You’re offering more than opinion – anyone could do that. What you want … Read More

stephanieFive Dos and a Don’t for Giving a Constructive Critique

My Big Oh: SympOsium. Where’s the Fire?

Welcome to the first SympOsium, Stephanie Naman’s monthly roundup of the indie-visible gang to answer a burning question, as part of My Big Oh. Ah, motivation. It’s like a bad boyfriend, sometimes. Promising you the world then refusing to commit. Disappearing for days on end, only to show up unannounced for a little late-night loving with no strings attached. As … Read More

stephanieMy Big Oh: SympOsium. Where’s the Fire?

Giving Up is Hard to Do–My Big Oh


By Stephanie Naman National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) isn’t just about writing a novel in a month. It’s a gut check about where writing fits into your life. Sure, for the casual writer, it’s a fun exercise. “Can I really do this? Let’s find out?” But for those of us with ambitions (maybe even delusions) of making this our career, … Read More

stephanieGiving Up is Hard to Do–My Big Oh

Experience…My Big Oh

By Stephanie Naman Made you look, didn’t I? Admit it, you thought a blog called My Big Oh would be filled with fifty shades of sexcapades, right? The kind you’re not supposed to click on at work. But you clicked anyway. It’s ok, I don’t judge. But I’ll save those stories till we get to know each other better. Till … Read More

stephanieExperience…My Big Oh