The Banana Slug Correlation

By Elizabeth Beechwood I found a banana slug today on my walk down Soos Creek Trail. There it was in all of its banana slug glory – at least six inches long and bright yellow, chugging across the black asphalt, leaving a froth of slime in its wake. For something that small and slow, it was steaming forward at an … Read More

elizabethThe Banana Slug Correlation

Journey into…My Big World

By Elizabeth Beechwood My husband, John, has ridden off into the mountains on an elk hunt – the surest sign of autumn. The elk will be bugling in the Bob Marshall Wilderness right about now and I’m sorry I’ll miss it. But our ideas of what constitutes ‘fun’ are very different. Riding horses into the back country sounds great but … Read More

elizabethJourney into…My Big World