A Tale of a Reluctant Tweeter

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Just like all those noble things I said I’d “never do” before I became a parent (hint: I went on to do them all), I remember saying to a friend at the advent of Twitter: “Well there’s a waste of my time I won’t ever bother with.” You must understand that when Twitter made its launch, I did not have … Read More

jordanA Tale of a Reluctant Tweeter

Keeping Creative (Writing) in the Season of Giving

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by Jordan E. Rosenfeld Most writers I know hear the whisper of their writing in their ears regularly, and often at the most inconvenient times: during work, at the dinner hour, driving to and from obligations and then some. There’s nothing like the holiday season, with its emphasis on giving to others, to force even more distance between you and … Read More

jordanKeeping Creative (Writing) in the Season of Giving

Seven Hours

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by Jordan E. Rosenfeld I have always been a creative creature who needs extended hours of space and time to weave my thoughts into writing. And as an only child with two working parents, I relished the alone time after school for many years. Studies have shown that creativity thrives on idle time—time not spent focused on anything else. You … Read More

jordanSeven Hours

Getting Burned: On Difficult Friendships

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by Jordan E. Rosenfeld Recently, at a birthday party for a friend of my son’s, I heard myself refer to a child I encountered as “too sensitive” after a dramatic emotional display. The moment the words left my mouth I felt a strange crushing sensation inside: an echo, a memory, as if my very cells were chastising me for my … Read More

jordanGetting Burned: On Difficult Friendships

Empathy in the Extreme

by Jordan E. Rosenfeld People always want to know if your fiction is derived from “your real life.” Never sure where these strange characters come from, whispering their stories in my ears, I’ve grilled friends who have claimed to find “me” in my writing to understand what they see. For instance, protagonist Grace in my forthcoming novel Forged in Grace … Read More

jordanEmpathy in the Extreme

Not Old

Jordan E. Rosenfeld My right hip has been giving me problems lately. A wrong move and a hot, electrical twinge stops my movement. It’s nothing more than the repetitive strain of exercise and hours compressed in a chair writing, but it aggravates. Hunched over, whining one day this week, I hear myself say aloud, somewhat melodramatic, “Ahh, the ails of … Read More

jordanNot Old

Writer’s Work

by Jordan Rosenfeld In honor of all the hardworking writers, those hauling ass through National Novel Writing Month, and those plodding with determined patience through Every Other Damn Month When I Write and Nobody Cares, I felt it was time to write about the down and dirty truth of being a writer. As this column suggests, never would anyone say … Read More

jordanWriter’s Work

My Enlightened Booty


The older I get the more convinced I am that I should be making significant, chartable spiritual progress, especially as I was raised without religion and have yet to adopt one (unless you count occasional psychic reading/shamanic clearing/energy workshops pursued in my twenties). My friend Alegra calls my evolution “consistent, erratic progression.”  But the more I try to find myself … Read More

jordanMy Enlightened Booty

Meet…My Big Mouth


by Jordan E. Rosenfeld I can no longer avoid the truth: I have a big mouth. Yes my actual mouth is big enough to shove In ‘n Out burgers in whole, but what I mean is I have a hard time keeping my thoughts to myself. The truth sneaks out over the edges of my lips. My mouth tells raunchy … Read More

jordanMeet…My Big Mouth