Release Day for ARMS OF ANU

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day AND Happy Release Day for ARMS OF ANU, sequel to award-winning Preteen/Teen Fantasy ARROW OF THE MIST, by Indie-Visible author Christina Mercer. In her own words . . .  The past year has been a whirlwind year with my first book release; finishing, polishing and publishing the sequel; and working toward publishing an entirely new novel—a … Read More

christinaRelease Day for ARMS OF ANU

Broken Pieces, by Rachel Thompson

Broken pieces

From the author: “Broken Pieces is a work of nonfiction essays, poetry, and prose where I open my soul and invite you in for a visit. It’s vulnerable, it’s raw honesty, it’s no-holds barred.” I’ll add to that with: it’s moving, powerful, a heartfelt journey that you will never forget. Broken Pieces explores fragments of painful memories from different points … Read More

christinaBroken Pieces, by Rachel Thompson

The I.V. Interview: Christina Mercer


Christina Mercer keeps bees and books, knows more about honey than anyone we’ve ever met, and writes sprawling tales of fantasy that are deeply linked to the natural world, and natural wisdom. Publisher’s Weekly said of her debut novel of YA fantasy, “well-developed characters, elegant dialogue, trickster creatures, exciting scenes of mystic battle and intriguing riddles stir up a powerful … Read More

adminThe I.V. Interview: Christina Mercer

Become, by Ali Cross


Recommended by Christina Mercer Life is Hell for sixteen-year-old Desolation Black. Literally. Hell, aka Helheim, is cold and lonely, and yet it’s the home to which Desi longs to return after she’s forced to leave. Desi’s father Loki, aka Lucifer, is eager for her to BECOME—to turn into a demon—and the quickest way for that to happen is by making … Read More

adminBecome, by Ali Cross

Book of Shadows— By Alexandra Sokoloff


Recommended by Christina Mercer When Boston homicide detectives Garrett and Landauer discover the mutilated body of a wealthy college girl, they know they’d be solving just the sort of case to boost their careers. However, the ritualistic elements of the girl’s death point to satanic intrigue and danger. Jason is a troubled Goth band member, dabbler in demon magic, and … Read More

christinaBook of Shadows— By Alexandra Sokoloff

Out of Breath by Susan Salluce


Recommended by Sharon Wong Who knew psychologists doubled as detectives? This might not be immediately apparent, but it does make sense when you strip the profession to its basest elements. After all, a large part of the trade is picking up clues from disparate narratives and shattered psyches to weave a coherent whole. Katherine Middlebrook, the protagonist of Susan Salluce’s … Read More

adminOut of Breath by Susan Salluce

Girl in the Glass


Reviewed by Jordan E. Rosenfeld I have to admit I’m a sucker for the underdog, the downtrodden. Give me a character who has lost everything, or is about to, and I am yours. Zoe Brooks’ novel of magical realism, Girl in the Glass, does not disappoint. Anya is an orphan in her teens, living in an indeterminate time and country, … Read More

jordanGirl in the Glass

Probability Angels


By Joseph Devon Reviewed by Tomi L. Wiley Every once in a while I start a book and a few pages in, I feel the need to turn back to the first sentence, slow down, take my time and truly enjoy it. Because I read so much for work, and there are never enough hours in the workday to see … Read More

tomiProbability Angels

Farsighted, by Emlyn Chand


Reviewed by Christina Mercer High school is tough enough for most people, but Alex Kosmitoras has the added challenge of blindness. His home life isn’t peachy either, with an irritable out-of-work father and an overprotective mom. But his most difficult challenge arrives in the form of disturbing “visions” of the future. When new girl, Simmi, moves to the small Midwestern … Read More

christinaFarsighted, by Emlyn Chand

Taking Heart, by Wilette Youkey


Reviewed by Jordan E. Rosenfeld Though I’m a girl who spent a disproportionate amount of time writing in diaries about boys, I’m still surprised by a fresh take on the “boy meets girl” trope. In Wilette Youkey’s novel, Taking Heart, the heroine’s love is already dead when we meet her. Well, that got my attention. Bakery-owner Ren is grieving the … Read More

jordanTaking Heart, by Wilette Youkey