Out of Breath by Susan Salluce


Recommended by Sharon Wong Who knew psychologists doubled as detectives? This might not be immediately apparent, but it does make sense when you strip the profession to its basest elements. After all, a large part of the trade is picking up clues from disparate narratives and shattered psyches to weave a coherent whole. Katherine Middlebrook, the protagonist of Susan Salluce’s … Read More

adminOut of Breath by Susan Salluce

Spoonful, by Chris Mendius


Reviewed by Elizabeth Beechwood  Spoonful, by Chris Mendius, promises to be a gritty account of a junkie’s life going down the toilet with the opening line, ‘Nobody ever says, “When I grow up, I want to be a junkie.”’ And Mendius follows through on this promise with Michael Lira’s journey into addiction. From that first line to the last—“Fuck it.”—Michael … Read More

elizabethSpoonful, by Chris Mendius