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Q: Are you a small press or publishing company?

Neither! We are a lovely chimera of independence and co-creative energy. Each author individually publishes their own work, at their own financial risk, but with collective support in the forms of marketing, feedback, accountability, and hand-holding. We use a democratic method of group approval, feedback, and standards for each author’s work. Each collective member agrees to publish on a schedule that allows for the maximum amount of promotion time.

Q: Do you publish print or e-books?

Both! We’re taking advantage of the brave new world of digital reading, but we are also book lovers, raised on the smell of ink on paper, and musty corners of used bookstores. We like paper books, and we make them available through publishing methods that allow us to print only as many copies as we need, because we’re resource-conscious.

Q: I want to join IndieVisible! How do I do that?

There are two streams to Indie-Visible. In the first stream are our published authors, who join the collective to publish their unique and awesome books. Second stream consists of the talent who helps us make these books reality, the editors, designers, photographers and printers, etc. In the second stream, you advertise your services with us for free, and we promote you in exchange for affordable rates for our authors and referrals! Right now, like the universe, we are expanding steadily, but slowly. ¬†Please fill out the “I want in” form on the contact page. There you can tell us all about yourself, your project, your hopes, dreams, publishing woes and more. We make no guarantees, but we’d love to hear from you.

Q: What is an author member expected to do?

  • Publish a book-length work (novellas and short story/essay collections acceptable) within the time of your contract
  • Promote the work of other collective members on a schedule
  • Blog. Offer some fresh new content for the blog on writing, publishing, and your own wild mind
  • Reviews. Each collective member will agree to review at minimum 1 other indie-published book during their contract period
  • Contests. Participate in our fun and awesome contests that benefit readers!
  • Thrive. Our greatest hope is that each collective members thrives on the independence of being in control of the entire publishing process, and takes that joy out into the world!

Q: Can I guest blog?

Heck yes! Send us an email telling us what you’d like to say and why. We’d love to hear from you on all matters related to publishing and writing.¬†

Q: Do you host blog tours from authors who are not part of the IndieVisible collective?

Yes we do! And we review books as well from non collective members. Please do contact us with information about you, your book, your tour details and anything that will help us to decide.

Q: I am an editor from a big publishing company, or an agent interested in one of your authors. Are your authors open to a traditional book deal?

We are always open to a good negotiation! Each author has contact information below her profile; feel free to contact any of us directly. We don’t bite.


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