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Meet the Bloggers of Indie-Visible

Indie-Visible Super Blogger Name: Michaela Mills Super Blog Website: Blogger Superpower: Multi-tasker extraordinaire! Blogger Kryptonite: Tom Hiddleston (bwahahahaha) ...

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Interview with Heather Lyons, #utopYA 2014 Protostar Prize Winner

Originally Posted on The Paisley Reader, May 20, 2015. Hi Heather! It’s so good to ...

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Fiction Foodies: Ecstasy in a Cup

Hi everyone and welcome to the May/June installment of Fiction Foodies. This feature is a ...

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Why I Went Indie Feature Image

Why I Went Indie: David Berger

Teaching was my first passion. It was actually my first career (and still is). I love ...

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Body and Setting—Complex Expenses II

by Christina Mercer BEAN COUNTING FOR AUTHORS SERIES-Part 8 Body and Setting—Complex Expenses II Welcome ...

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All New: The Indie-Visible Vlog

Happy Saturday! Indie-Visible is launching its Youtube channel this month. We’ll be gradually adding more ...

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Editing an English language document

Editing Quandaries: Ellipses by Amy Strickland at Read Ink

Author Amy Leigh Strickland, whom you may know from her posts on turning her YA ...

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Capitalize—Complex Expenses Part I

by Christina Mercer BEAN COUNTING FOR AUTHORS SERIES-Part 7 Capitalize—Complex Expenses Part I In the ...

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