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Worthy Reads: Helia’s Shadow, Part 1 by K.C. Neal

Helia's Shadow, Part 1 by K.C. Neal Published on November 23, 2014 Genres: Dystopian, Young ...

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Worthy Reads: Waterproof by Amber Garr

Waterproof by Amber Garr Published on September 19th, 2013 Genres: Dystopian, New Adult Pages: 258 ...

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Writing Nook: Kristina Circelli

Kristina Circelli’s Writing Nook Just my couch :). I do all of my writing on ...

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Magical Elixirs

Ah, magical elixirs, those liquid enchantments that often begin with nature and with which many ...

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How to Get the Most From Your Editor

When you begin working with an editor, be upfront and tell her about any concerns ...

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This Week in Publishing — 02/26/2015

To encourage diversity, K.T. Bradford issued readers the challenge to “Read Only X Writers For ...

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Making Lightning Strike Twice: How I Turned My YA Series into a Comic, Part 1

Why Comics Make Sense: The Olympia Heights Series In 2011 I published my first novel, ...

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Technology Tips for Authors and Bloggers

Tech Time: Sharing Your Blog Posts to Facebook, and Doing it Right

Don't you hate when Facebook doesn't show the image for links you share? Or it shows a title and content from the main page, and not the specific article you're sharing? Here's how to fix that.

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