Undergrowth-Amy M

Photo Credit: Jennifer Barney.  “We all travel the Milky Way together, trees and men…”  John Muir On the road to my old house, the green of these hills and pastures calls like a carpet begging to be to danced.  A giggle escapes my lips at the renaming of these country lanes in the last 20 years for the ease of … Read More

Amy McElroyUndergrowth

Keeping Creative (Writing) in the Season of Giving

Photo by Jennifer Barney

by Jordan E. Rosenfeld Most writers I know hear the whisper of their writing in their ears regularly, and often at the most inconvenient times: during work, at the dinner hour, driving to and from obligations and then some. There’s nothing like the holiday season, with its emphasis on giving to others, to force even more distance between you and … Read More

jordanKeeping Creative (Writing) in the Season of Giving

Seven Hours

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by Jordan E. Rosenfeld I have always been a creative creature who needs extended hours of space and time to weave my thoughts into writing. And as an only child with two working parents, I relished the alone time after school for many years. Studies have shown that creativity thrives on idle time—time not spent focused on anything else. You … Read More

jordanSeven Hours

A Season for YOU


by Christina Mercer Ah, the change of seasons. In the Northern Hemisphere, October brings many of us the changing leaves, summer’s harvest, and the promise of cozy times with our loved ones. Some would also say Halloween/All Hallow’s Eve brings us nature’s New Year, when we head into that dark phase before a new dawn. The days grow shorter and … Read More

christinaA Season for YOU

Broken Pieces, by Rachel Thompson

Broken pieces

From the author: “Broken Pieces is a work of nonfiction essays, poetry, and prose where I open my soul and invite you in for a visit. It’s vulnerable, it’s raw honesty, it’s no-holds barred.” I’ll add to that with: it’s moving, powerful, a heartfelt journey that you will never forget. Broken Pieces explores fragments of painful memories from different points … Read More

christinaBroken Pieces, by Rachel Thompson

What You Know (But Not How to Write It)

What You Know

by Tomi L. Wiley (Sung to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”) If you think you love a writer, raise your hand. If sometimes you want to choke her, raise your hand. Because when you love a writer, You’ll kiss the hand that bites you – Because eventually they’ll write you till you’re dead.* If you’re … Read More

adminWhat You Know (But Not How to Write It)

The Guitar

Guitar_0861_web-L_Sharisse Couleter

by Amy McElroy It’s always been one of my favorite stories about my father: a twenty-three year old White House staffer, loudly protesting Nixon’s innocence across the country as the newspapers shouted accusations of spies and lies. Meanwhile, I stayed home writing letters: “Please Daddy, I hope you never have to go to make a speech again,” with a backwards … Read More

Amy McElroyThe Guitar

Mothers: As the Plot Turns


Billie Thomas and Rebecca Lawton, two authors well known to the Indie-Visible crowd, both chose to place a mother-daughter at the heart of their novels, Murder on the First Day of Christmas and Junction, Utah. Billie Thomas’s character Chloe Carstairs is teamed with her mother, Amanda, not only to decorate homes but also to solve murders. Rebecca Lawton’s Madeline Kruse … Read More

adminMothers: As the Plot Turns

Scenes from a Nightmare


By Rebecca Lawton For years, a recurring nightmare suggested I’d lived a sordid life. The images hinted I had murdered someone and hidden the body in the recesses of a decaying mansion. That I would be found out plagued me. I had no clear memory of when the murder had occurred or who I’d offed, but I couldn’t shake the … Read More

Becca LawtonScenes from a Nightmare

Exploring Opposites

Photo by Jennifer Barney

This month, our theme at Indie-Visible is opposites/clashing cultures, inspired by my novel Junction, Utah. Opposites, and the friction that comes from them, are a large part of what makes up life: things that, on the surface, don’t go together may highlight or bring out the best in its opposite. What do you think? Let’s look at some examples:  Let’s … Read More

adminExploring Opposites