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Search Bar Confessions2(1)

Search Bar Confessions: Jo Michaels

Here’s a scary one. Since beginning the novel M, I’ve searched: M is a young ...

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Writing Nook: Casey L. Bond

My Writing Hole by Casey L. Bond You may call it a “nook,” but situated ...

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sidekicks3 lil

Indie Sidekicks: Fluffy (Deirdre Riordan Hall)

This is Fluffy, my intrepid writing buddy. He helps me slay dragons, defends my honor, ...

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Inspiration Strikes: Kristen Day

Snowshoe Mtn, West Virginia. A skier/snowboarder/snow bunny/family paradise. A place that turns into the epitome ...

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Haven New

The Haven | A new community for creatives

by S.M. Boyce The Haven is a life-changing community for authors and artists of all ...

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How to Get the Most From Your Editor

When you begin working with an editor, be upfront and tell her about any concerns ...

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This Week in Publishing — 02/26/2015

To encourage diversity, K.T. Bradford issued readers the challenge to “Read Only X Writers For ...

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Making Lightning Strike Twice: How I Turned My YA Series into a Comic, Part 1

Why Comics Make Sense: The Olympia Heights Series In 2011 I published my first novel, ...

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