My Big Freakshow: Lessons from Clown School


By Frankie Rose I knew this girl who wanted to go to clown school once. I was sixteen at the time, and she was probably nineteen. High school was at an end (we leave High school and move onto college at 16 in the UK) and I was paralyzed by life, the prospect of it, anyway, because now I was expected … Read More

frankieMy Big Freakshow: Lessons from Clown School

Girl in the Glass


Reviewed by Jordan E. Rosenfeld I have to admit I’m a sucker for the underdog, the downtrodden. Give me a character who has lost everything, or is about to, and I am yours. Zoe Brooks’ novel of magical realism, Girl in the Glass, does not disappoint. Anya is an orphan in her teens, living in an indeterminate time and country, … Read More

jordanGirl in the Glass

Probability Angels


By Joseph Devon Reviewed by Tomi L. Wiley Every once in a while I start a book and a few pages in, I feel the need to turn back to the first sentence, slow down, take my time and truly enjoy it. Because I read so much for work, and there are never enough hours in the workday to see … Read More

tomiProbability Angels

Frankie Rose’s Scavenger Hunt


Frankie Rose, Author of the “Hope” series and indie-visible collective member, has been cleverly hiding key words in a blog scavenger hunt all over the internet in the build-up to the release of book two, Sovereign Hope! Don’t lurk among the shadows–get out and win great prizes by collecting your word and finishing the excerpt to be found at: Synopsis … Read More

jordanFrankie Rose’s Scavenger Hunt

Building an Onion


By Christina Mercer Mastering the craft of writing is like building an onion from the middle out. You start with a core idea and layer on skill and practice and knowledge over a number of years. With every layer you cry your eyes out over failures, successes, and sheer exhaustion, until you build it big enough and with a tough … Read More

christinaBuilding an Onion

I’ve Got Some Lovin’ To Do: Julia Park Tracey

-MAM33julialaughingcafe (1)

Look who stopped in on her virtual book tour — Indie-Visible’s own Julia Park Tracey.  Julia recently edited and published her late great-aunt Doris’s diaries from the 1920s, and continues to transcribe and share them on Facebook and Twitter. Julia hopped on a train in October, traveling 3800 miles on a traditional book tour to promote  I’ve Got Some Lovin’ … Read More

jordanI’ve Got Some Lovin’ To Do: Julia Park Tracey

Another Big Change in My Big Life (AKA: I Quit My Day Job)

HDT quote

By Tomi L. Wiley When I was young, my parents had dinner parties and people over – friends from the tiny community I grew up in (I think the population still hovers around 800 people, give or take), business colleagues, people I didn’t know at the time but who would play large parts in my life later. As an only … Read More

tomiAnother Big Change in My Big Life (AKA: I Quit My Day Job)

Giving Up is Hard to Do–My Big Oh


By Stephanie Naman National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) isn’t just about writing a novel in a month. It’s a gut check about where writing fits into your life. Sure, for the casual writer, it’s a fun exercise. “Can I really do this? Let’s find out?” But for those of us with ambitions (maybe even delusions) of making this our career, … Read More

stephanieGiving Up is Hard to Do–My Big Oh

Writer’s Work

by Jordan Rosenfeld In honor of all the hardworking writers, those hauling ass through National Novel Writing Month, and those plodding with determined patience through Every Other Damn Month When I Write and Nobody Cares, I felt it was time to write about the down and dirty truth of being a writer. As this column suggests, never would anyone say … Read More

jordanWriter’s Work

Experience…My Big Oh

By Stephanie Naman Made you look, didn’t I? Admit it, you thought a blog called My Big Oh would be filled with fifty shades of sexcapades, right? The kind you’re not supposed to click on at work. But you clicked anyway. It’s ok, I don’t judge. But I’ll save those stories till we get to know each other better. Till … Read More

stephanieExperience…My Big Oh