Exploring Opposites

Photo by Jennifer Barney

This month, our theme at Indie-Visible is opposites/clashing cultures, inspired by my novel Junction, Utah. Opposites, and the friction that comes from them, are a large part of what makes up life: things that, on the surface, don’t go together may highlight or bring out the best in its opposite. What do you think? Let’s look at some examples:  Let’s … Read More

adminExploring Opposites

A Quest to Write


In our QUEST to support Christina Mercer in the launch of Arrow in the Mist, we’re blogging about QUESTS. When I posed the question: “What’s been the biggest obstacle you’ve encountered in your QUEST to become a published author, and what transformations have you made to overcome these obstacles?” the answers were so rich and plentiful, I turned this SympOsium … Read More

stephanieA Quest to Write

Seeing Paradise


By Sharisse Coulter Sight is an interesting sense. Especially for writers. It’s our most subjective sense–allowing us to focus or not, to interpret, to see what’s in our periphery or turn our heads. Unlike, say smell. It’s much easier to avert one’s eyes than stop the stench of a subway, for instance. But of course, the best inspiration comes (at … Read More

sharisseSeeing Paradise

Join…My Big Adventure


by Sharisse Coulter Growing up is over-rated. One could call my current lifestyle– traveling around the world with my musician husband and our 3-year old son– irresponsible; and there would certainly be merit to that opinion. I see it as something else. An adventure. Sometimes I think we mistake growing up for outgrowing the need for new adventures. And I … Read More

sharisseJoin…My Big Adventure

Journey into…My Big World

By Elizabeth Beechwood My husband, John, has ridden off into the mountains on an elk hunt – the surest sign of autumn. The elk will be bugling in the Bob Marshall Wilderness right about now and I’m sorry I’ll miss it. But our ideas of what constitutes ‘fun’ are very different. Riding horses into the back country sounds great but … Read More

elizabethJourney into…My Big World