It Takes a Collective


For this woman who can offer detailed commentary on character development, sensory description, and use of dialogue in a manuscript, but who didn’t know web code from content, thought Glimmer Train sounded like a glam rock writer’s conference, and spends most days ready to throw her computer out the window, it takes a collective. When Jordan Rosenfeld, one of the … Read More

Amy McElroyIt Takes a Collective


Undergrowth-Amy M

Photo Credit: Jennifer Barney.  “We all travel the Milky Way together, trees and men…”  John Muir On the road to my old house, the green of these hills and pastures calls like a carpet begging to be to danced.  A giggle escapes my lips at the renaming of these country lanes in the last 20 years for the ease of … Read More

Amy McElroyUndergrowth

What You Know (But Not How to Write It)

What You Know

by Tomi L. Wiley (Sung to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”) If you think you love a writer, raise your hand. If sometimes you want to choke her, raise your hand. Because when you love a writer, You’ll kiss the hand that bites you – Because eventually they’ll write you till you’re dead.* If you’re … Read More

adminWhat You Know (But Not How to Write It)

Mothers: As the Plot Turns


Billie Thomas and Rebecca Lawton, two authors well known to the Indie-Visible crowd, both chose to place a mother-daughter at the heart of their novels, Murder on the First Day of Christmas and Junction, Utah. Billie Thomas’s character Chloe Carstairs is teamed with her mother, Amanda, not only to decorate homes but also to solve murders. Rebecca Lawton’s Madeline Kruse … Read More

adminMothers: As the Plot Turns

The I.V. Interview: Linda Pressman

Linda Pressman

Indie-Visible is pleased to welcome indie author Linda Pressman, who will share her   experience independently publishing Looking Up: A Memoir of Sisters, Survivors and Skokie, which helped her nab first place in a huge contest for indie writers: the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. Interviewed by Tomi L. Wiley IV: Let’s just start with the big news, since this … Read More

tomiThe I.V. Interview: Linda Pressman

Another Big Change in My Big Life (AKA: I Quit My Day Job)

HDT quote

By Tomi L. Wiley When I was young, my parents had dinner parties and people over – friends from the tiny community I grew up in (I think the population still hovers around 800 people, give or take), business colleagues, people I didn’t know at the time but who would play large parts in my life later. As an only … Read More

tomiAnother Big Change in My Big Life (AKA: I Quit My Day Job)

Take…My Big Leap


By Eros-Alegra Clarke A bedside table is pushed against the bedroom door and I’m trying to ignore the bang-bang-bang as some small body tries to will itself through my barricade. I just need half an hour of uninterrupted sleep and then, after a cup of strong coffee, I’ll be able to emerge and take on my role as ‘mother to … Read More

eros alegraTake…My Big Leap