by Tomi L. Wiley I never wrote a poem about the night my father’s home lifted to the stars in sparks. At that time I wasn’t writing much of anything; my son was six weeks old, born premature, and my hands were busy cupping his tangerine skull, trembling against the curve of his spine, cupped in one palm. My mind … Read More


The Dying Fire

Dying Fire--for Amy's post

by Amy McElroy On the reality show “Survivor,” contestants are voted off with the ceremonial snuffing out of their torches, and host Jeff Probst’s constant reminder that, “In this game, fire represents your life.” There’s something primal to that metaphor, something deeper than a reality show gimmick, as I’ve learned over the past month. First, my dog of seventeen years, … Read More

Amy McElroyThe Dying Fire

My Big Career: Fire Season

by Rebecca Lawton My first blog post for My Big Career is in part about writers block. It came to me in the form of a poem, inspired by the work of James Tate, author of return to the city of white donkeys and other books. To celebrate the release of Jordan E. Rosenfeld’s Forged in Grace, and nearing the … Read More

adminMy Big Career: Fire Season

Getting Burned: On Difficult Friendships

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by Jordan E. Rosenfeld Recently, at a birthday party for a friend of my son’s, I heard myself refer to a child I encountered as “too sensitive” after a dramatic emotional display. The moment the words left my mouth I felt a strange crushing sensation inside: an echo, a memory, as if my very cells were chastising me for my … Read More

jordanGetting Burned: On Difficult Friendships

My Big Oh: SympOsium. Where’s the Fire?

Welcome to the first SympOsium, Stephanie Naman’s monthly roundup of the indie-visible gang to answer a burning question, as part of My Big Oh. Ah, motivation. It’s like a bad boyfriend, sometimes. Promising you the world then refusing to commit. Disappearing for days on end, only to show up unannounced for a little late-night loving with no strings attached. As … Read More

stephanieMy Big Oh: SympOsium. Where’s the Fire?