Broken Pieces, by Rachel Thompson

Broken pieces

From the author: “Broken Pieces is a work of nonfiction essays, poetry, and prose where I open my soul and invite you in for a visit. It’s vulnerable, it’s raw honesty, it’s no-holds barred.” I’ll add to that with: it’s moving, powerful, a heartfelt journey that you will never forget. Broken Pieces explores fragments of painful memories from different points … Read More

christinaBroken Pieces, by Rachel Thompson

Girl in the Glass


Reviewed by Jordan E. Rosenfeld I have to admit I’m a sucker for the underdog, the downtrodden. Give me a character who has lost everything, or is about to, and I am yours. Zoe Brooks’ novel of magical realism, Girl in the Glass, does not disappoint. Anya is an orphan in her teens, living in an indeterminate time and country, … Read More

jordanGirl in the Glass

The Sweetest Elixir

sweetest elixir

By Christina Mercer Since it’s October, I thought I’d bring you a little witchy-ness—kitchen witchy-ness that is. My interest in the healing arts began in my twenties and back then I studied everything I could get my hands on (quite literally, in fact): Massage therapy, reflexology, crafting lotions and potions, tinctures and tisanes, salves and syrups. You name it, I … Read More

christinaThe Sweetest Elixir