Scenes from a Nightmare


By Rebecca Lawton For years, a recurring nightmare suggested I’d lived a sordid life. The images hinted I had murdered someone and hidden the body in the recesses of a decaying mansion. That I would be found out plagued me. I had no clear memory of when the murder had occurred or who I’d offed, but I couldn’t shake the … Read More

Becca LawtonScenes from a Nightmare


by Tomi L. Wiley I never wrote a poem about the night my father’s home lifted to the stars in sparks. At that time I wasn’t writing much of anything; my son was six weeks old, born premature, and my hands were busy cupping his tangerine skull, trembling against the curve of his spine, cupped in one palm. My mind … Read More


My Big Truth: Make Time Stop

"Marwari Stallion #1" by Tom Chambers,

PHOTO CREDIT: “Marwari Stallion #1″ by Tom Chambers, At this time of year when tradition dictates we consider resolutions for the future, I—ever the planner, the worrier, the what-if or could-be dreamer find myself staunchly resisting. While my toes grip the metaphorical sand, my knuckles clutch the all-too-real yellow counter in Nana’s kitchen, and the unscratched, shiny, dining room table, unable … Read More

Amy McElroyMy Big Truth: Make Time Stop

Out of Breath by Susan Salluce


Recommended by Sharon Wong Who knew psychologists doubled as detectives? This might not be immediately apparent, but it does make sense when you strip the profession to its basest elements. After all, a large part of the trade is picking up clues from disparate narratives and shattered psyches to weave a coherent whole. Katherine Middlebrook, the protagonist of Susan Salluce’s … Read More

adminOut of Breath by Susan Salluce