Exploring Opposites

Photo by Jennifer Barney

This month, our theme at Indie-Visible is opposites/clashing cultures, inspired by my novel Junction, Utah. Opposites, and the friction that comes from them, are a large part of what makes up life: things that, on the surface, don’t go together may highlight or bring out the best in its opposite. What do you think? Let’s look at some examples:  Let’s … Read More

adminExploring Opposites

Getting Burned: On Difficult Friendships

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by Jordan E. Rosenfeld Recently, at a birthday party for a friend of my son’s, I heard myself refer to a child I encountered as “too sensitive” after a dramatic emotional display. The moment the words left my mouth I felt a strange crushing sensation inside: an echo, a memory, as if my very cells were chastising me for my … Read More

jordanGetting Burned: On Difficult Friendships

Another Big Change in My Big Life (AKA: I Quit My Day Job)

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By Tomi L. Wiley When I was young, my parents had dinner parties and people over – friends from the tiny community I grew up in (I think the population still hovers around 800 people, give or take), business colleagues, people I didn’t know at the time but who would play large parts in my life later. As an only … Read More

tomiAnother Big Change in My Big Life (AKA: I Quit My Day Job)