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Bringing Out Your Inner Child—Writing from Myths

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Why I Went Indie by David Berger As a young boy, I was fascinated by the Greek myths I learned about in school, eager to read as many as I could to learn more about the magic of Mount Olympus. I tore through books like Edith Hamilton’s Mythology and D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths which became the launching point for Bulfinch, among others. To ...

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Why I Went Indie: Linda Maria Frank

Why I Went Indie Feature Image

Writing my Annie Tillery Mystery series is a second career for me. My first career was teaching the sciences. I was lucky enough to teach forensic science, which afforded many possibilities for writing “case studies” for my students. I turned the case studies into mystery stories. What to do about publishing? A message from my mentor when I wrote the ...

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The Haven | A new community for creatives

Haven New

by S.M. Boyce The Haven is a life-changing community for authors and artists of all kinds Everyone has a little creative spark inside them. Some of us use that spark to nurture a fire of creativity. I want to give you the fuel to turn that fire into a blaze of amazing art. Whether you’re a painter, a writer, a ...

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Inspiration Strikes: Kristen Day


Snowshoe Mtn, West Virginia. A skier/snowboarder/snow bunny/family paradise. A place that turns into the epitome of a winter wonderland. It’s beautiful. It’s inspiring. It’s an entire mountain dedicated to all winter enthusiasts. And, for those that were dragged up there by their winter-loving family members and friends, there are heated indoor pools and delicious restaurants that you’ll be dreaming about ...

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4 Cliffhangers Your Readers will Love to Hate You For


If happily-ever-afters are the warm, fuzzy fleece blankets of the literary world; cliffhangers are the wool blankets in the top of your great-grandmother’s closet. They’ll keep you warm and smell like sweet lavender but you’ll wake up in the middle of the night itching with a bad case of the hives. The only cure is a nice oatmeal bath complete ...

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Seven Hours – A Writer’s Life

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I have always been a creative creature who needs extended hours of space and time to weave my thoughts into writing. And as an only child with two working parents, I relished the alone time after school for many years. Studies have shown that creativity thrives on idle time—time not spent focused on anything else. You might call it boredom; ...

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Being Enough

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by Jordan Rosenfeld by Jordan E. Rosenfeld Sometimes I want something so badly in my writing life—a certain publication, a certain agent, even a certain level of success—that it becomes a physical sensation in my muscles, all of them taut and straining as if toward a reward dangling in a window just out of reach. My suffering matches the agony ...

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How to Successfully Kill Off Your Characters


by Kristen Day Be it my unresolved anger from childhood bullying or a sick disposition towards death – I love killing people. Let me rephrase that – I love killing off made-up characters that have taken up residence in my frontal lobe. Books are nothing if not conduits of ALL THE FEELS and highways for raw emotions bubbling with angst. ...

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