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Being Enough

Water droplet_MJKimmel

by Jordan Rosenfeld by Jordan E. Rosenfeld Sometimes I want something so badly in my writing life—a certain publication, a certain agent, even a certain level of success—that it becomes a physical sensation in my muscles, all of them taut and straining as if toward a reward dangling in a window just out of reach. My suffering matches the agony ...

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How to Successfully Kill Off Your Characters


by Kristen Day Be it my unresolved anger from childhood bullying or a sick disposition towards death – I love killing people. Let me rephrase that – I love killing off made-up characters that have taken up residence in my frontal lobe. Books are nothing if not conduits of ALL THE FEELS and highways for raw emotions bubbling with angst. ...

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How To Write A Blurb

Frustration stress and writers block

by Crystal Bryant Writing blurbs for other people almost feels like second nature to me. I think this comes from a lifetime of trying to convince others they really need to read this book, and let me tell you about it real quick, honed by years of writing for fun and otherwise. But writing blurbs for myself? Not so easy. ...

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Keeping Creative (Writing) in the Season of Giving


by Jordan E. Rosenfeld Most writers I know hear the whisper of their writing in their ears regularly, and often at the most inconvenient times: during work, at the dinner hour, driving to and from obligations and then some. There’s nothing like the holiday season, with its emphasis on giving to others, to force even more distance between you and ...

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A Quest for Courage


By Christina Mercer Writing is a solitary activity, one that fits quite well with my extreme-introvert personality. Hours upon hours, years upon years of pouring my heart out on the page with no one but myself, my family, and my ever willing-to-listen dogs to share it with. When I first began my quest to become an author, the internet hadn’t ...

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