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Bean Counting For Authors Book

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by Christina Mercer Genres: Non-Fiction I’m SUPER EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THE NEW RELEASE: BEAN COUNTING FOR AUTHORS-Helping Writers & Creative Business Owners Grasp Accounting & Taxes IS NOW AVAILABLE!! Expanding on the Bean Counting for Authors series posted on this site, this helpful guidebook packs lots of super important accounting & tax tips for writers and other creatives. We all ...

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Flash Forward-Savings and Retirement

Save for Retirement Words on Calculator Financial Security

by Christina Mercer BEAN COUNTING FOR AUTHORS SERIES-Part 10 Flash Forward-Savings & Retirement This series brings us now to the importance of thinking ahead, of flashing forward to those twilight years awaiting us . . . Along with the freedom and control Business Ownership can yield, it also forces owners to be their own employers (figuratively or literally, depending on the ...

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Meet the PubHub: Christina Mercer, Co-Founder of Indie-Visible

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Name: Christina Mercer Job Title(s): Co-Founder of Indie-Visible Company Name(s): Indie-Visible, LLC Website: & How long have you been at your current position? After more than a year of participating and brainstorming with members of Indie-Visible 1.0, a few of us went on to nurture Indie-Visible 2.0, add some new members, and four of us Co-Founded Indie-Visible, LLC in January 2015. Why ...

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Supporting Characters-Employees and Independent Contractors

Illustration of two employees working in the office

by Christina Mercer BEAN COUNTING FOR AUTHORS SERIES-Part 9 Supporting Characters-Employees & Independent Contractors In most novels, there are supporting characters—those who rally around the hero(ine) and help him/her along their way. The need for support also occurs in business. In fact, we here at Indie-Visible encourage AUTHORS to work smarter by building customized teams of supporting characters (which we ...

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Why Hire a Cover Artist (Indie-Visible Vlog)


by Amy Leigh Strickland Every month we bring you a new video via the Indie-Visible Youtube channel. For the month of September, we’re talking about book covers. Specifically we want to discuss why you should save up and hire a professional to cover your book, rather than trying to slap together an amateur cover all on your lonesome. This episode ...

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An Audiobook Experience

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by Christina Mercer Genres: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Tween, Young Adult Earlier this year, I finally took the plunge and had my first book, Tween Fantasy ARROW OF THE MIST, turned into an Audiobook. I had watched other Authors magically turn their books into Audio versions, had heard over and over the appeal and convenience of Audiobooks, and had talked to ...

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Editing Quandaries: They by Amy Strickland at Read Ink

Editing an English language document

Author Amy Leigh Strickland, whom you may know from her posts on turning her YA Novels into comics, started up a grammar and editing vlog called Read Ink. We at Indie-Visible enjoyed her post on the word they being used as a gender-neutral pronoun so much that we just had to share it. We hope you find this video as ...

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Body and Setting—Complex Expenses II


by Christina Mercer BEAN COUNTING FOR AUTHORS SERIES-Part 8 Body and Setting—Complex Expenses II Welcome to Part II of Complex Expenses, where I’ll be digging deeper into two more important Expense Categories. The AUTHOR part of me likes to refer to these next two as Body & Setting, but the accountant side will give you their more formal names: SELF-EMPLOYED ...

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All New: The Indie-Visible Vlog


Happy Saturday! Indie-Visible is launching its Youtube channel this month. We’ll be gradually adding more shows as we go along. Here is the first: Indie-Visible. Indie-Visible is the channel show, a series that will tackle different issues within the independent publishing world from hiring cover artists to Facebook marketing to social media etiquette. Tune in at the start of every month ...

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